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"Before starting your workshops I had no idea running was so complicated! But again Friday's workshop was good fun and I really enjoyed it..!  My intention is to start getting into triathlons so your workshops are providing a brilliant insight into how I need to combine all the different elements of running to improve my speed. Hopefully with plenty of practice it will all come together although I think it will take a while to get use to increasing my cadence!   I've just taken delivery of my new trainers so my intention is to get out on the road a bit more over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to the next one"

Steve, Halton 


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help in training me for my obstacle race.  I had a really great time at the weekend and surprised myself by just how well I coped with the obstacles and the distance.  I attempted everything and only needed help getting over 2 of the bigger walls so I'm clearly a lot more springy and strong as a result of your training (we even had to do burpees on the course).  I even made it to the end of the hang tough section as well!  I finished full of running and felt like I could have run further.  I've already signed up for next year "

Nicola, Wendover