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Running forms the basis of most sports.  Yet we are particularly inefficient at it in the main....

Do you recognise yourself?


There are arms and legs all over the place.  That's a lot of wasted energy getting from A to B, although always amusing for passers by.



Probably most of you to be honest although there is probably a lot of unnecessary neck and shoulders coming into play.  I am guessing you tire quickly.






Your arms are down by your side and your are jigging away merrily.  Alas you are moving up and down rather than forwards.  Your arms are actually quite an important part of running and you are making it quite difficult for yourself.



Calf strain from bouncing on the spot.  Overactive quads.







You are bending forwards at the waist and have adopted the longest stride possible in order to cover more ground.  Unfortunately as we now from basic physics - if you hit the ground it hits you right back so in fact if you are landing in front of your body....yes you are propelling yourself backwards!  Your cadence (times you hit the ground) is probably very slow increasing your risk of injury.



Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon strain, weak elongated hamstrings, tight hip flexors or groin, ITB syndrome, back pain.





It's not actually clear whether you are running or walking?  Your times probably suggest the latter. 



Probably none since you are not actually running....







Your shoulders are rotating, your hips are rotating and your feet are rotating.  The trouble is we want to go forwards not around in circles!  I am thinking you are probably also kicking yourself in the shin whilst looking like you are running on a tightrope?



Piriformis syndrome, TFL tendonitis, ITB syndrome, lower back pain, anterior tibialis strain






Ah some beautiful hamstring curls here with a nice arched back.  Alas it means your glutes and hip flexors are probably not doing much and guess where your power comes from.....



Back pain, hamstring and calf strains





Really?  I am impressed.  Your shoulders are relaxed, your arms are at 90 degrees and driving backwards, you are landing under your hips with good hip extension and a fast cadence.  Congratulations!



None, provided you train sensibly of course.

Alas very few of us in reality resemble The Runner (me included) meaning that we struggle with injury or simply do not achieve the results we wish.  You can make changes to your running style which will help (I did!) or it may be that you need help with your cross training, core strength or with a specific running schedule to hit that goal.  You can be Mr Runner but if you over train your body will tire and be susceptible to injury.  Periodisation is just as important as for weight lifting or any other sport.

Train smart not necessarily hard.  To quote the great Jack Daniels Running Coach "my runners are always telling me they can run faster than the paces I give them" to which his reply is "...but we are not trying to run fast workouts.  We are trying to run smart workouts that lead to fast races".

I am a qualified England Athletics Running Coach specialising in road running 5k and upwards.


"The training has really paid off... 40 secs off his park run time... This Saturday he was third at Chiltern League.  He was thrilled and said he feels so much stronger.  It was great getting some really constructive guidance from you.  Many thanks"

Elaine, Chesham


Just wanted to tell you and everyone else for that matter how much I appreciate your efforts in getting me in the best possible condition for the London Marathon yesterday. Without your dedication, advice and encouragement I would never have achieved my lifelong ambition and for that I will always be forever grateful to you. I can't recommend your PT sessions highly enough for anyone who is looking to achieve better results..."

Ian, Aston Clinton


"This year I beat my marathon PB by over 13 minutes and I’m overjoyed! How did I do it? Helen Mulhall Personal Trainer!!! Helen’s detailed training planning specific to my target coupled with brilliant advice and motivation. Helen’s core classes and workshops also provided crucial aspects to my training. Without Helen’s plan I wouldn’t not have beaten my PB because I would have adopted the wrong training and preparation. Slow runs, easy runs, MP runs – now they all make sense! Last year I stopped twice in the race and got cramp, this year I felt stronger and had more in reserve when I had to dig deep. Crossing the line was a fantastic feeling and I owe so much of it to Helen. Thanks Helen!!"

Mike, Whitchurch


"I have just ran a half marathon and really concentrated on my knee lift and could hear  your voice in my head - drive your arms, hip to lip. Starting tired after the swim and bike it really helped my run..."

Neil, Aylesbury


"Can I just share my joy.  Just been out for a run and felt 'on fire'.  I think everything fell into place...I felt as light as a feather running and had a fixed smile on my face!"

Heidi, Halton